Krigshökarna Brzezinski & Kissinger hedras av norska Nobel Institute. Albright & White Helmets av svenskar.

På söndag är Nobeldagen. Jag tar tillfället att påminna om denna händelse från fjolårets Nobelfestligheter. De som ansvarar för folkrättsbrott och är starkt misstänkta krigsförbrytare hedras…

Artikeln publicerades första gången7/12 2016.

På lördag utdelas Nobels fredspris. Skönt att det inte gick till föreslagna White Helmets som samarbetar med den extrema terroristorganisationen al-Nusra.White Helmets, kandidat till Nobels fredspris År 2009 gick det till Obama då han som ny president talat om fred, vilket många gjort då det inlett och trappat upp krig. Som Adolf Hitler och Lyndon Johnson. Sedan har Obama visat sig vara en krigspresident. Många har ansett att är en skandal att Obama fick Nobels fredspris. Man måste se på handlingarna. Snacka är lätt. En artikel här igår morse visade att de ansvariga för utdelningen av Nobels fredspris har inbjudit de ökända (bland fredsvänner och demokrater) krigshökarna Henry Kissinger och Zbigniew Brzezinski att framträda på ett nytt debattforum på söndag i Nobels namn, med samband till utdelningen av Nobels fredspris i Oslo på lördag! Vi måste reagera till denna anpassning till krig – i bjärt kontrast mot Alfred Nobels värderingar och intentioner. Kan aldrig kompenseras av ett aldrig så stort Nobelmuseum i Stockholm eller annorstädes. Se upprop i morgon.

Jag tar mig friheten att med benäget tillstånd återge delar av en kritisk artikel i början av månaden av fredskämpen, professor Jan Öberg.
Jan Öberg rapporterar att ”Peak War Criminal: Brzezinski and Kissinger To Be Honored By Nobel Institute”
Norwegians, and, actually, Scandinavians in general, are notorious for having completely surrendered their societies’ to globalist mayhem. Herewith, the latest glaring example…Jan Öbergs blogg and Globalresearch
Krigshökarna Kissinger och Brzezinski ska hedras då Nobels fredspris utdelas

These two top officials behind major US wars (Iran/Afghanistan and Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos) and regime change (against Allende, Chile) will speak at the first of a new event, The Nobel Peace Prize Forum Oslo, created by the Nobel Institute in Oslo.
The leaders of the two institutions declare that they are proud to have succeeded in getting these two diplomats to Norway – and the media of course will be there. The event is sponsored by the California-based company InCircl – a marketing and mobile payment company.

These two experts on warfare and interventionism will – Orwellian style – speak about “The United States and World Peace After The Presidential Election”.

This is the country that, since 1980, has intervened violently in Iran, Libya, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Kosova/Serbia, Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, i.e. 14 Muslim countries. It has some 630 base facilities in 130+ countries. It has its US Special Forces (SOF) in 133 countries.

It has used nuclear weapons without apology and owns the second largest arsenal of nuclear weapons.

The US stands for about 40% of the world’s military expenditures, is the world’s leading arms exporter and has killed more people than anybody else since 1945. It’s the master of (imprecise) drone strikes. It presently supports Saudi Arabia’s bestial war on Yemen and conducts a military build-up in Asia and the Pacific planning, as it seems, for what looks like a future confrontation with China. And not with terribly positive results in its Middle East policies since 1945.

The U.S. should be seen as quite incapable of peace-making – not the least thanks to Dr. Kissinger (now 93) who is associated with major “war crimes, for crimes against humanity, and for offences against common or customary or international law, including conspiracy to commit murder, kidnap, and torture” in places such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Timor, and Chile as stated in the classical book about his peace-making by Christopher Hitchens “The Trial Of Henry Kissinger”.

Brzezinski (now 88) doesn’t have as much blood on his hands but his hawkish “Realpolitk” contributions to US foreign policy – including its failures – over decades are well described here.

Let me be very clear: I am in favour of universities being open, of free academic debate and freedom of expression. These two cast-off ideologues are entitled to that too – in Oslo for sure.

But I do have this to ask:

Would they invite victims of the policies of the US under the influence of Kissinger and Brzezinski?

And would somebody be invited to a similar high-profiled event who work with peace concepts that – in stark contrast to these two – are based on conflict analysis, anti-imperialism, anti-militarism, disarmament, nonviolence, reconciliation, forgiveness and the cultures of peace including dialogue and negotiations?

While I am in favour of intellectual freedom and open debate, I am not in favour of the Nobel Institute inviting people such as Kissinger and Brzezinski. The Institute as well as the Nobel Committee that decides who shall be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize has a mandate based upon the will of Alfred Nobel.

And he wrote there that he wanted his Prize to go to “the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”
The two visitors have done nothing – nothing – for that. To award prizes – and honour by invitations – alleged, non-convicted war criminals should, by simple logics, be unthinkable. Impossible.

The Kissinger-Brzezinski event is nothing less than a slap in the face of everyone working for peace and of Alfred Nobel’s will.

Anybody who feels they need to be enlightened by two of the oldest and worst representatives of the most militant and war-fighting nation on earth about the world’s future and about peace signals only one thing: The intellectual and moral decay of a small Western country totally submissive to the US – which itself is in utterly clear moral, intellectual, political and economic decay – and Empire fast approaching its end thanks to its own policies.

Boycott the event and let Kissinger, Brzezinski, Njölstad and Ottersen be the only ones who turn up in that huge hall on December 11th.
Or, go there – students, media and civil society – and raise all the questions any independent, decent academic must. And anyone must who takes the word peace seriously.”

Jag, Anders påminner om att den brutala krigshöken Madeleine Albright år 2013 fick priset till Anna Lindhs minne.


Albright var USA:s utrikesminister 1997-2001 och dessförinnan FN-ambassadör. Enligt hemsidan stödjer ”Anna Lindhs Minnesfond kvinnor och unga människor som i Anna Lindhs anda har modet att bekämpa likgiltighet, fördomar, förtryck och orättvisor så att människor kan leva ett gott liv i en miljö där de mänskliga rättigheterna efterlevs.” Madeleine Albright sa ”En halv miljon döda irakiska barn – ett pris värt att betala”då hon intervjuades i programmet ”60 Minutes” 12 maj 1996 om det embargo USA drev mot Irak.

Pål Steigan skriver Madeleine Albright vill att USA går ut i fullt krig i SyrienTidligere utenriksminister Madeleine Albright, hun som syntes at 500.000 døde irakiske barn var «en pris det var verdt å betale», abefaler nå USA om å gå til full krig i Syria. Dette går fram av en rapport til kongressen i USA, skriver Reuters. Rapporten er skrevet av ei gruppe ledet av Albright fra det demokratiske partiet og tidligere sikkerhetsrådgiver Stephen Hadley fra det republikanske partiet. Mesteparten av rapporten ble skrevet før Donald Trumps valgseier, og antakelig ville Hillary Clinton ha fulgt rådene.”

Kommentar: Detta adderar sig till Jan Öbergs bedömning ”The intellectual and moral decay of a small Western country totally submissive to the US – which itself is in utterly clear moral, intellectual, political and economic decay” –

som inte bara avser Norge utan också Sverige!

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  1. Ytterligare en Norgehistoria…

    Kanske kan det jämföras med den komedi där en man levde ett skandalöst liv, men sedan på dödsbädden lurade i prästerna att han levat som ett helgon? Kanske är det just detta som lockar den mordiske psykopaten på ålderns höst?