A queen of chaos should not throw stones in glass houses

This article was published in the major Swedish Newspaper ’Västerbottens-Kuriren’ on Sunday 25 SEP 2016 at 22:15 by by Leif Elinder, Anders Romelsjö and Martin Gelin, three Swedish doctors engaged in the peace movement. (Translation to English by Martin Gelin.)

”Hillary Clinton’s fears in regards to her rival candidate appear to be justified. At present she seems to be the most likely presidential candidate and one should ask this follow-up question – is Mrs Clinton throwing stones in glass houses when she writes off Donald Trump? Her efforts as foreign minister are among the most militaristic in America’s modern history. World peace is and will remain uncertain should she become president.

Should Hillary Clinton become America’s next president, the thoughts of continuing wars in the world appear uncomfortably close. We must thoroughly examine the candidates’ willingness and ability to create a better world. Which of the candidates will give world peace the best chance?

Last year, political analyst, Diana Johnstone, published her book ”Queen of Chaos -The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton”. The purpose of the book was to warn of likely consequences if Clinton became elected president.

Three months ago (JUNE 2016) Hillary Clinton gave an important speech on US national security. In this speech, she warned of Donald Trump – ”the most dangerous candidate for US-presidency ever seen.” She portrayed Trump as a liar with bizarre and dangerous ideas – a person who very easily (by mistake?) could start a nuclear war. Choosing Trump to become president, was presented as ”playing roulette” with our future.
Hillary Clinton Drottningen av kaos
Hillary Clinton’s fears may be justified. As she in the current situation seems to be the most likely presidential candidate, following question must be asked – is Clinton throwing stones in glass houses when she writes off Donald Trump? Judge for yourselves.

Her efforts as foreign minister of the US government is among the most militaristic in America’s modern history. During her period in office when Hillary Clinton was politically active, there was hardly a single war in which she did not decide to participate. In the last two decades she actively supported all the US war adventures – i.e. her husband’s bombing of Yugoslavia and Kosovo in the late 1990s, the illegal war against Iraq (2003) and supporting Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 2006.

During the 2008 presidential election, Hillary Clinton threatened Iran (80 million people) with a ”total obliteration” should Iran attack Israel.

During Obama’s presidency, she has unreservedly supported the US bombing of seven (mostly) Muslim countries – Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Iraq and Syria.

Mrs Clinton managed to convince President Obama and Secretary of Defense minister Gates to enter into war with Libya – a war that ultimately led to a devastated country, including the cruel execution of Momar Gaddafi. Hillary Clinton commented on this occasion with a laugh – ”We came, we saw, he died.!”

Clinton supported fully the coup in Honduras (2009), further supported Israel during the Gaza wars of 2009 and 2014 and the illegal coup in Ukraine in 2014.

Violation of the US Constitution:

Hillary Clinton Obama unreservedly supported Obama regarding USA’s warfare with drones – which approves targeted killings by unmanned vehicles.

Hillary Clinton has supported Obama’s policy of impunity for torturers during GW Bush’s presidency.

Hillary Clinton has used her own private emailing in her correspondence with foreign politicians and military and in exchange of services.

Hillary Clinton has used the family’s private foundation (Clinton Foundation) to repaying contributors with political favors.

Hillary Clinton supports America’s emergency legislation – such as ”The Patriot Act” – which allows widespread indiscrimate eavesdropping and the support of military tribunals and the detention of ”terrorist” suspects indefinitely or for life.

Hillary Clinton has supported mass interception of ordinary people including UN officials and politicians of friendly countries – constitutional violations which were revealed by Edward Snowden.

Suspect financial linkages and support:

Hillary Clinton is the Candidate for the military-industrial complex. She enjoys full support from the Republican Party’s most hawkish representatives – such as former Vice President Dick Cheney and Deputy Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland.

Contributions in abundance come from people like George Soros, and from dictatorships in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia. Henry Kissinger (who supported military coups in Chile, Argentina and Indonesia’s invasion of Timor) now works as her close friend and mentor.

War creates chaos and chaos creates refugees. A large number of countries have been devastated. We are facing a refugee situation which the West no longer can handle. The risks of a major war between NATO and Russia have increased dramatically. The probability of Sweden becoming a primary objective in such a conflict has also increased (by host country agreements, etc.).

A supremely armed US and NATO encircling Russia and encouraging coups on this country’s doorstep, provocative military exercises and demonization of Putin, gives Russia a good reason to believe that the US / NATO are preparing for war.

Russia resorting to counter measures should not be difficult to understand. The combination of US and NATO provocation and propaganda makes it easy for a small incidence to result in a major disaster.

The situation today resembles the one which prevailed just before the breakout of the First World War.The great powers were then too, heavily armed and ready to attack due to the slightest incidence.

The thought of an American president provoking a nuclear war is the ultimate nightmare. Which presidential candidate do we hope will win – that is the question!

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