Carla Ortiz chockerande rapport från Syrien

Första gången jag publicera rapport från Carla Ortiz var i slutet av 2016. Hon hade då deltagit i befrielsen av Aleppo. Nu en ny rapport

Syrien Carla Ortiz
Nedan hennes rapport från Aleppo, som jag publicerat tidigare.
”Bolivian-born actress Carla Ortiz recently visited Syria for ten days on a humanitarian mission. She was in Aleppo in the closing days of the defeat of the Western-backed regime-change paramilitary forces in mid-December 2016. It was her fourth visit to the country this year. She is preparing a documentary film on her visits.

Upon her return to the United States, she spoke to CNN and Fox television outlets. She pleaded for the world to welcome the restoration of Syrian government rule to the city of Aleppo and for a comprehensive peace for the country.

Intervju med CNN: CNN

Intervju med FOX11: FOX11

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