Hillary Clinton – Mrs. Strangelove?

This article is a translatation of the paper A queen of chaos should not throw stones in a glass house/En drottning av kaos ska inte kasta sten i glashus, which was published 25 September in the Swedish journal ”Västerbottenskurien”. Västerbottenskuriren

The article has now been translated by Siv O’Neall in Lyon, France and has also been published by Globalresearch, and earlier by AxisofLogic. Globalresearch: Hillary Clinton – Mrs Strangelove

Hillary Clinton’s fears concerning her rival candidate appear to be justified. At present she seems to be the most likely future president, and there is good reason for asking the question – Is Mrs. Clinton throwing stones in a glass house when she viciously attacks Donald Trump? Her efforts as Secretary of State are among the most warmongering in America’s modern history. Should she become president, it seems highly unlikely that we would ever see the dawn of world peace.
Should Hillary Clinton become the next U.S. president, the possibility of continuing wars in the world appears to be dangerously real. We must closely examine the candidates’ willingness and ability to create a better world. Under which one of the two candidates does world peace seem to be the most likely outcome?

Last year, political analyst, Diana Johnstone, published her book “Queen of Chaos: The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton”. The purpose of the book was to warn the world of the consequences if Clinton were to be elected president.

Four months ago (June, 2016) Hillary Clinton gave an important speech on U.S. national security. In this speech, she warned us of Donald Trump as being – “the most dangerous candidate for US presidency ever seen”. She portrayed Trump as a liar with bizarre and dangerous ideas, a person who very easily (by mistake?) could start a nuclear war. Electing Trump for president would, according to Hillary Clinton, be like “playing roulette” with our future.

Hillary Clinton’s fears appear to be justified. As in the current situation she seems to be the most likely presidential candidate, the following question must be asked: Is Clinton throwing stones in a glass house when she attacks Donald Trump as a warmonger? Judge for yourselves.

Her deals and efforts as Secretary of State of the US government have been among the most militaristic in U.S. modern history. During her term in office when Hillary Clinton was politically active, there was hardly a single war in which she was not eager to participate. During the past two decades she has actively supported all the U.S. war adventures – e.g. her husband’s bombing of Yugoslavia and Kosovo in the late 1990s, the illegal war against Iraq (2003) and supporting Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 2006.

* During the 2008 presidential election, Hillary Clinton threatened Iran (80 million people) with a “total obliteration” should Iran attack Israel.

* During Obama’s presidency, she unreservedly supported the U.S. bombing of seven mostly Muslim countries – Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Iraq and Syria.
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* Mrs. Clinton managed to convince President Obama and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to enter into war with Libya – a war that ultimately led to the devastation of that country, including the cruel execution of Muammar Gaddafi after brutal torture. Hillary Clinton commented on this occasion with a laugh – “We came, we saw, he died!”

* Clinton fully supported the coup in Honduras (2009); she further supported Israel during the Gaza wars of 2009 and 2014 and the illegal coup in Ukraine in 2014.

Violation of the US Constitution:

Hillary Clinton always unreservedly supported Obama in the U.S. drone warfare.

Hillary Clinton has supported Obama’s policy of impunity for torturers during GW Bush’s presidency.

Hillary Clinton has used her own private emailer in her correspondence with foreign politicians and military and in exchange for services.

Hillary Clinton has used the family’s private foundation (the Clinton Foundation) for the Pay for Play scheme that rendered political favors to highly dubious dictators and business dealers in exchange for huge sums of money to the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary Clinton supports U.S. emergency legislation – such as “The Patriot Act”, which was rushed into law in the wake of 9/11. It allows widespread indiscriminate eavesdropping and the support of military tribunals and indefinite detention of “terrorist” suspects, even for life.

Hillary Clinton has supported mass surveillance of ordinary people, including UN officials and politicians of friendly countries. This amounts to constitutional violations which were disclosed by Edward Snowden.

Questionable financial links and support:
Hillary Clinton is the prime Candidate for the military-industrial complex. She enjoys full support from the Republican Party’s most hawkish representatives – such as former Vice President Dick Cheney and Assistant Secretary of State for Europe, Victoria Nuland.

Let us take a look at the Clinton Foundation. Where do the 2 billion $ emanate from? Contributions in abundance come from various corporate and financial sources, from “dictatorships” in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia. Henry Kissinger, who engineered the military coup in Chile on President Nixon’s direct orders, supported the military coup in Argentina and Indonesia’s invasion of Timor, now works as her close friend and mentor.

War creates chaos and chaos creates refugees.

A large number of countries have been devastated. We are facing a refugee situation which the West can no longer handle. The risks of a major war between NATO countries and Russia have increased dramatically. The probability of Sweden becoming a primary target in such a conflict has also increased (by the host country agreement, etc.).

US being armed to the teeth, especially in nuclear weapons, NATO military bases encircling Russia and repeatedly organizing coups d’état on Russia’s doorstep, provocative military exercises and the demonization of Putin – all this gives Russia a good reason to believe that US / NATO is preparing for war.

The fact that Russia resorts to counter measures should not be difficult to understand. The combination of US and NATO provocation and their non-stop propaganda makes for a small incident easily turning into a major disaster.

The situation today resembles the one which prevailed just before the outbreak of the First World War. The great powers were then too heavily armed and ready to attack following the slightest incident.

The thought of an American president provoking a nuclear war would be the ultimate nightmare. Which one of the presidential candidates do we hope will win – that is now the question!

Written by three Swedish MDs active in the peace movement.

Leif Elinder
Martin Gelin
Anders Romelsjö

Translation by Siv O’Neall

The original source of this article is Axis of Logic
Copyright © Leif Elinder, Martin Gelin, and Anders Romelsjö, Axis of Logic, 2016

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  2. Wobbly, Wobbly Clinton är ute ur leken. Ångbältet kastade henne omkull.
    Världen kan äntligen andas FRED och risken för kärnvapen krig med Ryssland eller Kina har avvärjts.
    Sorgetåget hos femen-imperialister blir lång. Ska bombhöger och bombvänster samla sig på Medborgarplatsen kanske för att uttrycka sin sorg. Ledande skribenter hos DN; AB; Etc, Flamman, mm kommer att få skrivkramp.

  3. Krigshetsaren Killary har förlorat valet. Nu måste alla goda krafter, bl.a. Putin ta ledningen i kampen för en värld befriad från USA:s dominans.